Ministerley Boiler Multifuel Stove

Category: AGA Stoves
Manufacturer: AGA

A great choice for the family home, the Minsterley stove will radiate its gentle warmth throughout the house and provide hot water in abundance.

One of our larger stoves, the Minsterley has been engineered with hot water performance as a priority. Its hot water to space heating ratio is excellent, meaning that unlike similar appliances, any excess heat the Minsterley produces isn't lost to the room.

Impressive performance isn't limited to supplying hot water on demand - it is also a central heating system that offers flexibility as well as fuel economy. Thanks to its interchangeable fuel plate, the Minsterley can use either wood or solid fuel - running at 75.5% efficiency when burning wood.

Its high efficiency is down to the AGA Active Air Wash System, clever engineering that results in a clean stove window, clean combustion and low emissions. The Minsterley stove also has convenient overnight burning capability, a handy thermostatic device that allows you to program your ideal temperature and primary and secondary air intakes that provide greater control. Available in matt black.

POA 'Best Price'

  • Matt Black
  • Active Airflow System
  • Solid Fuel and Wood

Recommended Solid Fuel Types :

  • Dry seasoned wood; Smokeless ­­- Ancit, Centurion, Coalite (Nuts), Maxibrite, Phurnacite, Sunbrite (Doubles), Extracite, Blazebrite, Anthracite (Large Nuts), Welsh Dry Steam Coal (Large Nuts).
Fuel: Multifuel
Nominal Output: 7.5kW
Flue: Conventional
Manufacturer: AGA
Width: 568mm
Height: 782mm
Depth: 571mm
Window: Paned
Enamel Option: No
Airwash: Yes
Optional Boiler: Boiler Only
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