Chimney Sweep in Chorlton, Greater Manchester

Testimonial for a Chimney Sweep in Chorlton, Greater Manchester

Over to Didsbury and Chorlton today to sweep five chimneys in the area. One customer had two chimneys that needed sweeping. One of the chimneys had a very bad bird's nest causing a blockage that could have proved very dangerous. Many people do not realise that all chimneys if in use should be swept - not just when using an open fire or stove. With gas fires a blockage means that the fumes cannot escape and so come back into the room - just as deadly as wood or coal fumes. With the bird's nest I had to use a series of brushes - small to medium and then large to first break through the nest and then sweep the chimney when the debris had fallen down. It is not unusual to get two or three bags of twigs/leaves/paper and soot when unblocking a bird's nest from a chimney. When the sweeping is done - I light a smoke pellet in the fireplace and check that the chimney is clear by watching the smoke come out of the top.

Chimney Sweep ManchesterChimney Sweep job in Chorlton, Great Manchester

David did a great job on our two chimneys and provided much needed advice as well, reliable and very efficient. I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone.

Mrs Barker, Chorlton.

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