Stockport Chimney Sweeps

Sweeping Chimneys across Stockport

Chimney Sweep StockportThe New Year is underway and this week I have been busy sweeping chimneys across Stockport including: Heaton Moor, Bramhall and Marple. A number of customers have recently moved houses and so ensuring that all of the flues in the house are clear and safe to use or ready to be capped if not in use. This makes a lot of sense and can save money in the long term as serious problems can result with flues that are not clear. I always provide a discount for multiple sweeps and can advise on the installation of a stove or open appliance whilst there. Call the Marple Chimney Sweep Service if you need a Chimney Sweep in Stockport as the winter draws in.

New Year Sweep

Chimney Sweep StockportClean Sweep across Stockport for New Year 2015

New Year is upon us and many of my customers are choosing this time to get their chimneys swept ready for what is usually the coldest time of the year. This week, I have been to a number of houses in The Stockport area and have swept Twin wall flue systems, Lined chimneys and open fires. It is around this time of year when many people notice that their chimney is smoking or not drawing as well as it should. This is often remedied by sweeping.

It's crucial that chimneys are swept once a year to avoid dangerous build-ups

When undertaking a sweep, I also look  to ensure that there are no blockages in the flue or other defects such as incorrect chimney terminals and provide advice and options for addressing any problems. More and more people in Stockport area are getting log burners installed - this is great news as they are very efficient and a green way of heating your home. However, it is important to remember that the flue needs sweeping at least once a year to avoid possibly dangerous build-up of deposits and potential blockages.

New Year Clean Sweep

Chimney Sweep StockportFirst Footing? Book your New Year Chimney Sweep!

The Marple Chimney Sweep has been really busy over the last week getting in all those last minute chimney sweeps before the Christmas break. I've undertaken a number of chimney sweeps in the Chorlton, Didsbury and South Manchester areas this week.

Stockport Chimney Sweep taking bookings for New Year!

For customers who have not yet had their chimney swept this year, I have space for bookings in January 2015.

We can even arrange delivery of logs and coal in the Stockport and Greater Manchester areas at the same time.

Manchester Sweeps

Chimney Sweeping across the Manchester Region

Manchester Chimey SweepA full day chimney sweeping in Manchester this week. I carried out three chimney sweeps in Chorlton, two in Didsbury and one in Sale. One problem came about where a flexible liner had not been correctly fitted to the stove pipe. As no inspection hatch had been fitted it was impossible to fix the problem without removing the register plate.

We will always refer problems to a qualified HETAS fitter for you

I referred the problem to a HETAS fitter who sorted it out and ensured that the stove was working effectively and safely. Part of the problem with some installations is that they have been undertaken by someone who is not qualified or experienced. A common problem with many installations that are not lined is that no sweep hatch has been provided - making sweeping impossible.

We will always provide advice on any problem we encounter whilst sweeping chimneys in Manchester and refer to our HETAS colleagues to remedy an installation problem whenever necessary.

Chimney Sweeping before Christmas

Get your Stockport Chimney Swept for Christmas!

Stockport Chimney SweepIt is starting to get colder and many people are looking forward to Christmas in front of the stove or open fire. To ensure that your appliance is in full working order and ready to use please contact David Qualter to arrange a chimney sweep and smoke test. We carry out chimney sweeping across the Stockport, South Manchester and East Cheshire areas.

We've been Sweeping Chimneys in Wilmslow

This week we are doing a number of chimneys in the Wilmslow areas. A number of customers who have used our services for years are now choosing to order their fuel with us for delivery on the same day. We consistently receive very positive feedback about our service and will go out of our way to ensure that our customers are satisfied with our chimney sweeping service in the Stockport Area and logs and coal delivery services.

Modern Stoves provide a cheaper and greener way to heat your home in Stockport, Greater Manchester

Home Fires and Fuels believe strongly in protecting the environment and all of our stoves are highly efficient. When using sustainably sourced fuels, these stoves are ‘carbon neutral’, representing one of the cleanest, efficient and most sustainable ways to heat your home.

Based in Marple, Home Fires & Fuels provide a service across the Stockport, Greater Manchester, Cheshire and Derbyshire areas.

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