Chimney Sweep Manchester

Sweeping Chimneys all over South Manchester

Chimney Sweep ManchesterSweeping chimneys in Marple, Offerton and Didsbury today. Many customers are now ordering their logs and coal at the same time as their chimney sweep so that I can bring the fuel with me. We now have an online logs and coal ordering system so that you can order your fuel day or night with delivery being within two working days.

Delivery of logs and coal by your Stockport Chimney Sweep

Call our Stockport Chimney Sweep Service if you need a Chimney Sweep in South Manchester and beyond.

Chimney Sweep Stockport

Winter has found its way to Stockport this week

Chimney Sweep StockportWinter is getting under way after a short late warm spell. Now is a great time to get your chimney swept in time for the winter. I have swept a few chimneys in Stockport this week where a poorly fitted stove has caused problems with access. In two chimneys there was no means of accessing the flue to clean the deposits off the plate and on one occasion the chimney could not be swept at all.

A professional chimney sweep can alert you to hidden dangers!

A poorly fitted stove may not only be dangerous but can be very expensive as it usually has to be completely refitted. If there is a fire in your property caused by a faulty or poorly fitted appliance you may not be covered by insurance!

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Chimney Sweeping in Marple

Marple Chimney Sweep working on the doorstep this week

Winter is on the way and many Marple people are getting their chimneys swept in time for the cold weather. It's vital that flues are swept regularly to prevent build up of tar and soot and so increase the danger of a chimney fire or poisoning from fume inhalation.

Woodburners and Multifuel Stoves need their flues sweeping too

Chimney Sweep MarpleI overheard someone say that they did not need to sweep their chimney as it had a wood burner with a liner. This a common view but it's wrong! All flues need to be swept whether it's an open fire or stove.

Fuel delivery with your Marple Chimney Sweep

Homefires and Fuels now provide a full coal and log delivery service so that you can combine your sweep appointment with a delivery of dry logs and approved coals.

So our Marple Chimney Sweep Service is perfect if you need fuels delivering to your Marple home too.

Chimney sweeping in Stockport

Chimney Sweep StockportStockport Chimney Sweep gets really busy from September

Now that the bird nesting season is over people are looking to get their chimneys swept ready for the winter. Chimney sweeps (myself included) get very busy in September onwards - better to book your Stockport Chimney sweep now for August and avoid waiting. We are also fuel merchants and can deliver logs and coal to you are the same time.

We can deliver logs and solid fuels when we sweep your chimney

Our Marple Chimney Sweep Service is ideal when you need a Chimney Sweep in Stockport Metropolitan Borough.

Chimney Sweep Stockport

Chimney Sweep StockportStockport Chimney Sweep on home ground today

Chimney sweeping in and around Stockport today. At one house I swept a chimney prior to the installation of a gas fire - I filled 2 bin bags with soot! Often when replacing an appliance people forget to have the chimney swept. This can result in debris continually falling onto the appliance and, in extreme cases, can lead to the blocking of the gas vent resulting in the potential for carbon monoxide poisoning.

Carbon Monoxide poisoning is one of the serious risks of not sweeping a chimney

It always advisable to have your chimney swept whenever you replace an appliance, as well as for routine cleaning. Our Marple Chimney Sweep Service is perfect when you need a Chimney Sweep in Stockport and its surroundings.

Modern Stoves provide a cheaper and greener way to heat your home in Stockport, Greater Manchester

Home Fires and Fuels believe strongly in protecting the environment and all of our stoves are highly efficient. When using sustainably sourced fuels, these stoves are ‘carbon neutral’, representing one of the cleanest, efficient and most sustainable ways to heat your home.

Based in Marple, Home Fires & Fuels provide a service across the Stockport, Greater Manchester, Cheshire and Derbyshire areas.

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