Chimney sweep in High Lane

Chimney Sweeping in High Lane and Disley reveals bags of soot!

Chimney sweep jobs in and around High Lane and Disley in Cheshire today.

One customer had an inset gas fire which had been condemned by a Gas Safe Engineer. I arranged for the gas fire to be taken out to enable me to check the flue and discovered that the chimney was completely full of soot and twigs. Sweeping the chimney resulted in three full bags of soot and debris.

A chimney blockage can be very dangerous with a gas fire or real fire stove

Chimney Sweep High LaneI advised the customer to have a bird guard fitted to the chimney and arranged for this to be done. Often, especially when inset gas fires are fitted, the chimney has either not been swept out first or a proper bird guard or gas cowl has not been installed. A chimney blockage with a gas fire can be just as dangerous as one in a real fire, wood or multifuel stove, so get your checked if you want to keep your home safe.

Use our Marple Chimney Sweep Service when you need a Chimney Sweep in High Lane or Disley in Cheshire.

Chimney Sweep in Marple

Closer to home sweeping chimneys in Marple and Mellor today

A very cold day to be chimney sweeping today. Five jobs in and around Marple and Mellor. When I have swept the chimney I always carry out a smoke draw test. This tests the draw of the chimney and will usually confirm that there are no blockages (although this will usually be discovered once the brush appears above the pot!).

Sometimes an anti-down-draft cowl needs to be fitted to your chimney

Chimney Sweep Marple & MellorIn one house situated in a low valley surrounded by hills, the smoke poured back inside. This can often be the case and is caused by a down-draft being created by the geography of the area, or sometimes due to taller buildings next to the property. The solution is usually found by fitting an 'anti-down-draft' cowl onto the chimney pot.

Use our Marple Chimney Sweep Service when you need a Chimney Sweep in Mellor or the surrounding countryside.

Chimney Sweep in Heaton Moor

Chimney Sweep StockportMarple Chimney Sweep in the Four Heatons, Stockport

Chimney sweeping in the Heaton Moor and Heaton Chapel areas today. The first customer complained of a strange 'scuttling' sound above the stove in the chimney. After taking off the access plate I found that a bird had somehow managed to get stuck in the bottom of the chimney and had been there for 2- 3 days. The bird soon overcome the shock after being released and flew off.

Fitting a bird guard to your chimney can save you a whole load of trouble!

With nesting season approaching it is advisable to have a bird guard fitted to prevent nesting, which can present very serious problems including blockage and potential carbon monoxide poisoning. It is illegal to disturb a nest if there are eggs or chicks so you can end up without a fire and with unwanted squatters for a couple of months!

 Use our Marple Chimney Sweep Service if you need a Chimney Sweep in Stockport's Four Heatons.

Chimney Sweep in Urmston, Greater Manchester

A Stockport Chimney Sweep at work in Urmston and Stretford

Chimney Sweep ManchesterChimney sweeping in Urmston and Stretford, Greater Manchester today. One customer had a gas fire that was in desperate need of a chimney sweep. A full bin bag of soot was collected following sweeping. The chimney had been used with a gas fire for the past 10 years so the soot must have been a least 10 years old.

For safety sake, always have your chimney swept before fitting a new appliance

It's essential when fitting a new appliance, whether moving from an open fire to gas or to a solid fuel stove, that the chimney is swept fully. Use our Stockport Chimney Sweep Service if you need a Chimney Sweep in Greater Manchester and the North West.

Chimney Sweep in Cheadle, Cheshire

Cheadle in Cheshire is the Marple Chimney Sweep's destination today

Chimney Sweep CheadleThe Marple Chimney Sweep is in Cheadle today. The customer had bought a large stove on the internet and was looking to get the chimney swept before arranging for its fitting. The problem was that the flue had a very sharp bend and where there was once a soot hatch now stood the windows of the conservatory. The flue was therefore impossible to clean in its present condition. This is a very common problem where misinformation leads people to purchase an appliance when the first step should be assessing the practicalities of fitting it.

NACS Chimney Sweep gives good advice while sweeping chimneys

I arranged for a HETAS fitter to visit the customer to look at fitting a soot hatch so that I could return and sweep above the bend so hopefully all can be resolved. Use our Marple Chimney Sweep Service whenever you need a Chimney Sweep in Cheadle or anywhere else in the borough of Stockport.

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