Wow, a sweep really helps!

It's always advisable to get the chimney swept when moving into a new house

I have done a few sweeps this week including one address in Romiley where the new owner was surprised to find almost three bags of soot taken out of a flue that the seller had said had been swept! When moving into a new house it is always advisable to get the flues swept. At another customer's address in Marple, a smoke test revealed that the chimney was completely blocked and on further inspection has a slate placed over the chimney pot. Both instances may have had serious implications should a fire have been lit in the fireplaces. A once a year sweep is an inexpensive way to stay safe and get optimum efficiency from your chimney. A number of customers have been surprised by the difference a sweep makes.

Spring offers are still on so call Dave today to book your sweep.

Spring Offers

Spring Offer on Chimney Sweeping

Now that it is Spring, we are offering a 10% discount on all chimneys and flues swept. Whether you have a multifuel stove, woodburning stove, open fire or gas effect fireplace you can now book David Qualter to sweep your chimney for £42. The price includes a fire certificate and smoke test. Why wait until the busy season - get you chimney swept now when it is more convenient and save some money.

Call Dave Qualter on 0161 426 0444 or M: 07805542569.

Discounts For Spring Sweep

Spring Discounts for Chimney Sweeping

As Spring is fast approaching we are offering a discount of 10% on all chimney sweeps undertaken. The offer, available for May, June and July, will bring the cost of a chimney sweep carried out by NACS qualified member David Qualter down to £42. The sweep includes a smoke emmissions test, a full certificate and advice as required. Why do we offer this discount? Simple really - most people, understandably, think about their fires when it starts getting cold. The problem for us sweeps is that we have trouble getting around the Stockport and Manchester areas and meeting demand in the months of September, October and November. An offer of a discount on your chimney sweep is made to encourage customers to do this outside of the busiest months: easier to get a booking, and now, a little bit cheaper!

Call David on 0161 426 0444 to arrange your chimney sweep.

David Qualter Chimney Sweep

NACS approved Chimney Sweep in Marple, Stockport

David Qualter is a NACS approved Chimney sweep based in Marple in Stockport. As well as sweeping chimneys around the Stockport, Greater Manchester and East Cheshire areas we also provide a stove servicing and sales service. Now is a good time to get your stove checked and ensure that all parts are in good condition. As part of our chimney sweep service we will always check that the stove rope seals and firebricks are in good condition and can order spare parts where required.

Manchester Chimney Sweeping

We can check and maintain your stove at the same time as we sweep it!

The cold spell continues! This has been a very busy week for David Qualter - cleaning chimneys around the Manchester areas of Didsbury, Sale and Chorlton. We are often asked to service the stove during our visit: this may include replacing the stove rope seals or replacing the glass or firebricks. Often we are able to do the rope seals but we may need to return to fit items for the stove. When booking your chimney sweep it is worth having a look at what parts you might need. If you then let us know the make and model number we can order a part for you and fit it when we arrive to do the chimney sweep.

Modern Stoves provide a cheaper and greener way to heat your home in Stockport, Greater Manchester

Home Fires and Fuels believe strongly in protecting the environment and all of our stoves are highly efficient. When using sustainably sourced fuels, these stoves are ‘carbon neutral’, representing one of the cleanest, efficient and most sustainable ways to heat your home.

Based in Marple, Home Fires & Fuels provide a service across the Stockport, Greater Manchester, Cheshire and Derbyshire areas.

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