Chimney Sweep in Urmston, Greater Manchester

A Stockport Chimney Sweep at work in Urmston and Stretford

Chimney Sweep ManchesterChimney sweeping in Urmston and Stretford, Greater Manchester today. One customer had a gas fire that was in desperate need of a chimney sweep. A full bin bag of soot was collected following sweeping. The chimney had been used with a gas fire for the past 10 years so the soot must have been a least 10 years old.

For safety sake, always have your chimney swept before fitting a new appliance

It's essential when fitting a new appliance, whether moving from an open fire to gas or to a solid fuel stove, that the chimney is swept fully. Use our Stockport Chimney Sweep Service if you need a Chimney Sweep in Greater Manchester and the North West.

Modern Stoves provide a cheaper and greener way to heat your home in Stockport, Greater Manchester

Home Fires and Fuels believe strongly in protecting the environment and all of our stoves are highly efficient. When using sustainably sourced fuels, these stoves are ‘carbon neutral’, representing one of the cleanest, efficient and most sustainable ways to heat your home.

Based in Marple, Home Fires & Fuels provide a service across the Stockport, Greater Manchester, Cheshire and Derbyshire areas.

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