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Questions and Answers ‘About wood burning and stoves’

We have provided some of the main queries about wood burning stoves and the use of wood as a fuel source that we are asked. Modern wood burning stoves, used with the correct wood, are an efficient, carbon neutral and cost effective way of heating your home. We are happy to answer any more questions you may have.

Wood buring and stoves frequently asked questions

 Q. What wood should I use in my Log burning or multi fuel stove?

You should only use very dry (preferably Kiln dried) logs that have been seasoned for at least two years. Logs with a moisture content of more than 20% produce more smoke, less heat and will tar up the glass and flue. We provide a delivery service for logs and kindling – from small nets to bulk bags and you can purchase logs by telephone or online.

Q. Are wood burning stoves more efficient than an open fire?

Yes! A new ‘eco design’ stove produces 90% fewer particles than an open fire. The problem of open fires and older inefficient stoves skews the pollution statistics. Potential customers wishing to reduce the emissions from an open fire would be advised to have an eco design stove which is up to 80% efficient (against that of 20% for an open fire). Meaning that 80% of the heat produced by burning the wood is used to heat the room rather than go up the chimney.

Q. Are wood burning stoves going to banned?

No! But new government regulations will come into force in 2022 and will mean that only very efficient stoves will be allowed to be fitted. Home fires and fuels are already installing stoves that meet the new guidelines.

Q. Can I still use my old wood burning stove?

Yes. The rules are not retrospective and if you fit a stove now you will not have to change it after 2022. But in the future you may wish to consider replacing an older inefficient stove with an ‘eco design’ model.

Q. What can I do to ensure that my stove is safe and working at optimal efficiency?

You should arrange an annual chimney sweep by David Qualter (NACS) to ensure that the flue is clean and the stove is serviced. We offer a spring discount for flues swept between April and July.

Q. Can I have a stove fitted if I live in a ‘smokeless area’?

Yes. Many people do. You will need to fit a ‘DEFRA approved stove’. Most of our stoves are Defra approved for use in smoke controlled areas.

Q. I do not have a chimney. Can I still have a stove fitted?

Yes. We fit a lot of Twin Wall chimney systems – please look at our installations bulletins for examples.


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