Kiln Dried Logs From Stockport

Kiln Dried Logs direct to you

More and more customers are taking advantage of our online paypal ordering stystem to purchase Kiln Dried and Seasoned logs. Homefiresand fuels can deliver across the Stockport area and we have customers in all areas: Bramhall, New Mills, The Heatons, Offerton and surrounding areas. Orders are delivered within 2 working days and usually the next day. We Guarentee that our products are dry and of consistent quality all year round.

Sustainably sourced Logs

Sustainably Sourced Kiln dried logs from Home fires and fuels                                             December 2014


Many customers ask us whether our logs are sourced sustainably. The answer is that all of our Seasoned and Kiln dried log products are sourced from sustainably managed woodlands or are the by - product of the Tree surgery sector.

For our seasoned logs we work closely with local Tree surgeons who are locally based and therefore have a very low carbon foot print. The logs are properly seasoned before we bag them and transport them to the customer - Again - as we only deliver around a 10 mile radius and not hundreds of miles on the back of a truck, we ensure that the carbon footprint is minimal.

For our Kiln Dried hardwood logs we only purchase from producers who are certificated under the PEFC (a sustainability benchmark) and the FSC (the forest stewardship council). These certifications help to ensure that the timber you purchase has been sourced and produced using the highest ecological, social and ethical methods.

The use of wood fuel from managed and sustainable sources is not only carbon neutral but also one of the most environmentally friendly ways of heating your home.

Christmas Gift ideas

Christmas Gift ideas                                                                                   November 014

Homefires and fuels have lots of ideas for presents this year. With a Home fires and fuels 'Gift Voucher' you can buy someone a gift that is both useful and a little bit different. Gift vouchers can be purchased for values between £5 and £100 and can be exchanged in part or full for any ite in the shop: baskets, firesets, ... or even for a chimney sweep or for a delivery of logs. The vouchers last form four months.

Reliable and best prices

Why spend more for your Logs?

More and more people are ordering their Kiln dried logs, Seasoned logs and coal from Home fires and fuels because they can depend upon the price, quality and reliability of the service offered. In terms of price, our logs are priced very competitively - 20-30% cheaper than petrol stations and garden centres in our recent straw poll. Quality: we use only seasoned logs that have been properly seasoned and contain less than 25% moisture, our Kiln dried logs are of consistent top quality with moisture content of less than 12%. Service: we provide an efficient, quick and regular free delivery service for our customers and offer a number of payment methods - by phone or online. We deliver across an 8 mile radius of Marple.

Tired of buying poor quality expensive logs and lugging them home? Why not give us a try?


Fuel delivery on the rise!

Increasing number of customers using Homefires and fuels for log deliveries

An increasing number of customers are using our free delivery service for Kiln dried and Seasoned logs, Coal and Briquettes. Customers across the Stockport, East Cheshire and South Manchester areas are reporting high levels of satisfaction with the ease of ordering, the reliability of the delivery service, the quality of the fuels and the price! We want to ensure we retain  all of our customers and so will try to provide the best possible service. Many of our customers purchased logs or coal from petrol stations of garden centres in the past but now save 20-30 % on their fuels by purchasing from us and getting the benefit of free delivery*

We have made our ordering system as simple as possible and customers can now order through our website, by telephone or in person at out showroom outlet. We also provide a range of products in various sized packages to suit most households: from single nets of logs to bulk builders bags.

Why not try our service today. We think you will be very happy with us.

*please see our 'Logs and solid fuel delivery' page for details of our free delivery area. We ask that customers order a minimum of £35 value to qualify



One stop Shop

A One stop Shop for all your fire needs

Home fires and fuels provide a one stop shop for all your open fire or wood burning stove needs. We provide a fully qualified and experienced chimney sweep service, a regular and free logs and coal delivery service and of course our huge selection of wood burning and multi fuel stoves with installation. Many of our customers are now making use of this by arranging to have a free survey for a stove installation at the same time as they book us for a chimney sweep. Or, many of our customers will order their logs and coal at the same time as booking a chimney sweep.


Its getting colder!

It is starting to get colder!

The Autumn months are approaching fast. Now is a good time to get the chimney swept and stock up on fuel in preparation. At Home fires we provide a chimney sweep service and a regular fuel delivery service for logs, coal and briquettes. We have an online ordering system for fuels or you can telephone us any time.

Don't leave it too late! Call us now.



Modern Stoves provide a cheaper and greener way to heat your home in Stockport, Greater Manchester

Home Fires and Fuels believe strongly in protecting the environment and all of our stoves are highly efficient. When using sustainably sourced fuels, these stoves are ‘carbon neutral’, representing one of the cleanest, efficient and most sustainable ways to heat your home.

Based in Marple, Home Fires & Fuels provide a service across the Stockport, Greater Manchester, Cheshire and Derbyshire areas.

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