Chimney repairs and linings

As spring is approaching it is an ideal time to start getting your chimney and fireplace alterations done. At Home fire and fuels we offer a full range of building works from pointing a chimney stack to smoke testing a flue right through to re building a chimney or a new fireplace. We also install flexible flue liners for open fires and stoves. The work is carried out by experienced HETAS qualified builders. To discuss your requirements or to arrange a free survey please call us on the above number.

Free installation survey

Home fires and fuels provide a no obligation free installation survey across Stockport, South Manchester and East Cheshire. A qualified HETAS fitter will visit you to assess your needs and we will provide a written itemised quotation. We will do this whether you purchase your stove from us or not. We also offer a NACS qualified chimney sweep service and sealed smoke test as a first stage to determine whether a liner is required with a stove fitting.

Order your logs now!

Weather forecasters have predicted another long cold spell ahead so time to stock up on dry logs, coal or briquettes from Home fires and fuels. We sell only very dry seasoned and kiln dried logs and briquettes and coals and provide a free delivery service. Don't let this cold spell catch you out. See our 'logs and solid fuel' page for further information.

Very Dry Logs

Are you fed up with buying damp logs and coal? At 'Home fires' we source the best quality, very dry seasoned logs from local tree surgeons in the Stockport and Manchester area and deliver to your door from our central fuel depot in Chadkirk in Stockport on a regular basis. Our pre - packaged kiln dried logs, Hotties and 'paper' briquettes are all very low in moisture and ideal for your wood burning or multi fuel stove. We also supply smokeless coals. For consistent quality and very dry fuels at low cost - contact us now.

Spring Sale!

Believe it or not but winter officially ends this week, even though weather forecasters predict another three weeks at least of very cold weather. Now that the mad rush has ended it is a great time to go ahead and get your multifuel or wood burning stove fitted. As an incentive we are offering - for the month of March only - a £50 voucher redeemable on any Homefires and fuels product (accessory / basket / logs etc.) when you purchase a stove from us. We already offer all our appliances at discounts of at least 10% of recommended retail prices (a saving of around £85 on most of our stoves) and our 'Match price promise' ensures that you will not find a better like for like price- so pop into see us or call to discuss.

Upgrade your open fire, gas or electric fire and save money!

A report from the Stove industry alliance shows that you can save a great deal of money by upgrading from an open fire - at 32% efficiency or decorative gas fire - 20% efficiency, to an efficient wood burning stove - with upwards of 70% efficiency. The research confirms that wood burning is carbon neutral and works out at at least 25% cheaper than gas and over 80% cheaper than electricity. At home fires we offer a full fitting service with ongoing advice and a range of some of the most efficient stoves you can buy. For further information visit www.stoveindustryalliance.com

- Greater efficiency.

- Lower carbon footprint.

- Lower fuel costs.

Kiln Dried Logs

We now supply Kiln Dried hardwood logs at £105 for a large metric metre dump bag. The price includes delivery throughout Greater Manchester and VAT. This wood is super dry and burns really well to give you a great hassle free fire. Suitable for use on open fires and stoves. Please call us on 0161 426 0444 to order your wood. Delivery can usually be arranged the next day.

Note Home fires and fuels are committed to providing consistently good quality very dry wood and fuels to our customers at low prices. Please see our 'logs and solid fuel delivery' page for further information about our range of products.

Modern Stoves provide a cheaper and greener way to heat your home in Stockport, Greater Manchester

Home Fires and Fuels believe strongly in protecting the environment and all of our stoves are highly efficient. When using sustainably sourced fuels, these stoves are ‘carbon neutral’, representing one of the cleanest, efficient and most sustainable ways to heat your home.

Based in Marple, Home Fires & Fuels provide a service across the Stockport, Greater Manchester, Cheshire and Derbyshire areas.

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